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Certificate Racing Programme Introduction

In 2010, the racing development training programme has passed the assessment of Hong Kong Council of Academic Accreditation and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ), and received Level 1 to Level 4 accreditation. The six accredited racing training programmes comprise three riding and three non-riding programmes, covering subjects such as basic riding, stable management, horse care, IT, financial management and sports science. The Certificate Courses are as follows:

Certificate in Racing (Stable Assistant)

Foundation level, focusing on the basic knowledge on horses; Contents include caring for horses, and basic stables management, such as identifying sick horses, and methods in maintaining the stable

Certificate in Racing (Riding)

Besides the above courses, it also includes basic riding lessons for work riders and racing trainees.

Certificate in Racing (Advanced Stable Assistant)

Contents include restraint and training of horses, and higher level in stables management, such as applications of basic treatments to injuries and illnesses, supervision of stable staff etc. Students who have completed this level can apply to be Head lads and Work Riders;

Certificate in Racing (Track Rider)

Besides the above courses, it also includes riding lessons for apprentice jockey trainees, apprentice jockeys and work riders.

Certificate in Racing (Assistant Trainer)

This level can be divided into two parts. The first part is suitable for Apprentice Jockeys. Contents include racing knowledge and skills, and communication with horse owners and trainers, etc.; the second part is suitable for Assistant Trainers. Contents include preparing training programmes for horses, and the procedures relating to the running of a racing stable.

Certificate in Racing (Jockey)

Besides the above courses, it also includes advanced riding lessons for jockeys.


The seventh course, the Certificate in Farriery (Year 4) under CRP, has received Level III status in the Qualifications Framework for a six-year period from 1 January 2012 respectively.

Certificate in Farriery

It is a four-year apprenticeship training programme for apprentice farriers of The Hong Kong Jockey Club. Completion of this 4-year programme will lead to the terminal qualification of Certificate in Farriery (Year 4). Modules include make standard shoes for a range of horses, fit shoes for normal healthy horses and fit shoes to alleviate moderate faults and defects in horses

Certificate in Farriery has received the recognition from HKCAAVQ in 2011.

The eighth course, Diploma in Horse Racing Stewarding, has recently received Level IV status in the Qualifications Framework for a four-year period from 1 September 2013 respectively.

Diploma in Horse Racing Stewarding

This qualification provides comprehensive training to support Horse Racing Stewards and to uphold the integrity of racing in Hong Kong. Contents include an extensive knowledge of the rules of racing, racing protocols, animal welfare and duty of care requirements. Students at this level are required to evaluate information for planning and research purposes and apply theoretical concepts to a range of situations, including recognising approved and non-approved racing gear and equipment and legal and illegal racing tactics

Diploma in Horse Racing Stewarding has also received the recognition from HKCAAVQ in 2013.