The Racing Trainees recruitment period would usually be from June to August every year. Details will be posted in this website, or they could be seen in different newspapers and advertisements.
After receiving application forms from candidates, they will be shortlisted for taking part in the Riding Test. For those who have passed the test would be invited to attend the Fitness Test. All shortlisted candidates have to finish all test items.
Fitness test has 8 items in total. Details can be seen in Video Gallery – Fitness Test Introduction.
Racing Trainees do not have to pay school fee, instead they will receive a monthly salary and be provided with free accommodation. Prior to the commencement day, they are required to purchase course materials and books, uniform, and basic riding gears.
Trainees who have completed the Foundation Course with competency for all subjects will be considered either for employment as Trainee Work Riders or for further training as Trainee Apprentice Jockeys. Opportunities for other career paths within the Racing industry are possible.
Racing Trainees take foundation courses on riding, stable management, physical training, diet and weight management, Chinese, English, life education, sports science, computer applications, moral education and communication.
In 2010, the racing development training programme has passed the assessment of Hong Kong Council of Academic Accreditation and Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ), and received Level 1 to Level 4 accreditation.