Industry Training - Background

Racing Development Board was established in 2005 and changed its name to Racing Talent Training Center (RTTC) in June 2022. There are two schools under the center, namely the "Apprentice Jockeys’ School", which specializes in training horse riding talents, and the “Racing Talent School" which provides training courses for other positions in racing industry. The purpose of the center is to provide systematic talent training for the Hong Kong racing industry. The trainees include Apprentice Jockeys, Work Riders and staff working in stables such as Assistant Trainers, Farriers, Stable Assistants, etc. More than 1,900 employees and trainees have completed the certificate courses offered by the Racing Talent Training Center since 2008.

From 2008, over 1,900 staff from Racing Operations department has completed the Certificate Course in Horse Racing.

Racing Operations staff taking different levels of certificate course.

First aid training is one of the element in the course.