The Management Trainee Programme recruits and develops high potential individuals as future leaders of the Club – young talent who will carry forward the Club’s purpose of working continuously for the betterment of our society.

As part of our accelerated three-year talent programme, you will gain a deeper understanding of the Club and its unique integrated business model. You will acquire job-related skills and knowledge through a wide range of learning and development activities, including formal training and job rotations within and across divisions. You will also work with senior managers and colleagues on stretch projects contributing to the Club’s business development and its broader impact in society.


You will follow a structured three-year development programme. This will help you transition from a management trainee to a supervisory position, with the ultimate aim of you taking on a managerial role in future.


The Club is committed to offering employees a supportive environment conducive to individual and group performance as well as helping employees advance their careers. In 2020/21, employees received over a total of 150,000 hours of training, encompassing a wide range of learning and development opportunities.

As a Management Trainee, you will benefit from the three-year development curriculum which will build your professional and management capabilities across a variety of functions.

Tailor-made to match your development needs, the programme comprises on-the-job learning, classroom training, professional coaching, stretch projects, structured performance management and career support.

The programme’s comprehensive development framework consists of Education, Experience, Exposure, and Evaluation.


A competency-based training and learning curriculum will equip you with the mindset, knowledge and skills to succeed at the Club.

Alongside best-in-class training, there will be opportunities to develop yourself through experiential activities, learning forums, digital learning tracks and action learning projects.


Job rotations, attachments and projects within and across the business and corporate functions will give you a real understanding of what it takes to excel at the Club.

You will also participate in some of the Club’s community projects, with the opportunity to make a real and lasting impact on society.


There will be ample opportunities to interact with senior management and colleagues, helping you establish your network and credibility as a future leader.

Our Manager-Coach, Mentor and Buddy systems will keep you inspired and engaged, and support your career development constantly. We also hold various internal and external events where you can further broaden your horizons.


Feedback is essential for performance and development, and you will receive on-going input from management and peers. This will help you keep track of progress, discover personal strengths, and identify the development needs.

We actively encourage a two-way development conversation. We want to help you formulate a personal development plan which enables you to fulfill your career aspiration.


Tramy Chak

Charities & Community
(Business Functions)
'Great exposure to the largest community benefactor in Hong Kong'

I am always up for new challenges and so I knew that the HKJC would be a great place to gain knowledge about the entire philanthropy field. I worked exclusively on environmental issues in my last job, but here I get to help support people from all walks of life across ten different categories of social need. I'm responsible for reviewing and conducting research on NGO funding proposals, coordinating site-visits, liaising with stakeholders and drafting various donation-related documents.

I've grown up thinking of the HKJC as a very caring company. Now I get to see that for myself because the Club has invested a lot in ensuring that everyone has access to learning and development opportunities. Of course, with about 70% of our revenue given back to society every year, we're also very committed to the people of Hong Kong. The Club encourages staff and even retirees to promote a caring culture through participating in voluntary community service after work. I love being a part of that!

As a member of Class 2015 GT, Tramy graduated from the programme in 2017 and currently pursuing her professional career under the Club’s Charities & Community Division as Assistant Charities Manager (Grant Making).

Sam Huang

Customer & International
Business Development
(Business Functions)
'Develop your potential and give back'

I am really impressed by the marketing expertise at the HKJC. The 'Happy Wednesday' concept is particularly inspiring to me because it demonstrates the Club's commitment to innovation and meeting the needs of our different customers. Since joining I've seen first-hand how quickly things are evolving and how we are breaking new ground. On my first rotation, I was involved in a project that introduced a digital Customer Centre for customer self-service across a variety of, we were one of the first organisations to use the type of technology involved and now not only is it much more convenient for our customers to access their information, its paperless so more environmentally friendly too.

Helping society is important to me and this was something that influenced my decision to accept the Graduate Trainee opportunity at the HKJC. I was looking at other sectors but the chance to take on a role that would develop my potential and allow me to give back to society was very attractive. However our charitable status doesn't mean that this is an easy career option, you can expect to be challenged and exposed to new experiences on a regular basis. To do well you'll need to have the right attitude and be prepared to learn and expand your knowledge every step of the way.

Sam was a member of Class 2016 GT and graduated from the programme in 2018. He is pursuing his professional career under the Customer & International Business Development Division as Senior Marketing Officer.

Ashlee Choi

(Business Functions)
'A meaningful way to do business.'

I was eager to find a role that would allow me to work at a world-class organisation right here in Hong Kong. Finding an employer that would fully support my personal and professional growth, as I transitioned from student to business professional, was equally important. For both these reasons the HKJC became the natural choice for me. The Club invests a significant amount to ensure that we have access to top quality learning and development opportunities, there's the newly opened Hong Kong Jockey Club College for example and from talking to friends at different companies, it's clear that I am getting a considerable level of training - I've been on 16 courses in one year!

The level of support you get from senior management is also really impressive and they've taken the time to understand my specific needs and listen to my ideas. For instance, I made some recommendations on how we could attract more talent to the Club and how we can support those working part time. Some of my suggestions are already being discussed by the relevant department, it's really satisfying to know that your input is valued and that you can make an impact from an early stage. I also feel like I am making an impact on Hong Kong society in general which is very important to me. There are numerous volunteering activities to get involved in and I think that the HKJC is unique in that it gives you the opportunity to do business in a meaningful way.

Ashlee was a member of Class 2016 GT and graduated from the programme in 2018. She is pursuing her professional career under the Corporate Planning, Branding and Membership Division as Senior Membership Business Process and Control Analyst.

Jamen Mok

Human Resources
(Corporate Functions)
'Passionate people who strive for the best'

I love meeting different people and I knew that a career in Human Resources was the right direction for me. As one of Hong Kong's largest employers, with a workforce of over 21,000, the HKJC was a dream opportunity to me. I applied for the Management Trainee Programme because I knew that through the rotations I would get exposure to all aspects of the business and get to know lots of people from different backgrounds and with different types of skills - I haven't been disappointed.

I love the fact that the Club continually strives to improve, everyone working here is passionate about their work and that of the Club, so it’s a great environment to work in. In my area for example, we have been looking at how we can improve the way we bring talent into the Club, what we need to change to enhance the process, achieve greater efficiency and enrich the candidate experience. The rotations involve you in real-life challenges from day 1 and as a Graduate Trainee, you need to be able to grasp concepts quickly. It's important to ask lots of questions, don’t be shy! Being curious really is the best way to get to learn. Of course, the Club also provides state-of-the-art training and development programmes to support your learning. Besides my day-to-day work I’ve had the chance to participate in many volunteering activities including the YWCA food collection and distribution scheme, it's incredibly satisfying to be able to make a positive impact on society while I work.

Jamen was a member of Class 2016 GT and graduated from the programme in 2018. She is pursuing her professional career under the People and Organisational Development Division as Senior Human Resources Officer.

Jeremy Leung

(Corporate Functions)
'I'm helping to improve our environment.'

I've had a thing about real estate since I was a child. Space is such a challenge for Hong Kong and how we can improve the quality of life in our city is of great interest to me. The HKJC has a huge property portfolio and is such a big part of the Hong Kong community that it was my first choice employer after graduation. To know that while I am working hard, I am also making a positive impact on our society is very satisfying. I saw the Management Trainee Programme as a way of fast tracking my personal development. I knew I would get comprehensive training in areas such as networking, leadership and presentation skills. Participating on the programme would also get me in front of people at all levels and from all divisions in a relatively short space of time.

My work on the replacement of LEDs on the Club's many properties and the adoption of green construction materials demonstrates how the Club is at the forefront of constantly reducing its environmental impact to the community, something I am very proud to be part of. Another highlight has been the mentoring programme. My mentor and I developed a really good relationship, I learnt so much from him and he invited me to events and social occasions so that I could expand my network. I think that it's another great example of how passionate everyone at the HKJC is about giving back.

Jeremy was a member of Class 2016 GT and graduated from the programme in 2018. He is pursuing his professional career under the Property Division as Facilities Services Officer.

Yonnie Li

Security & Integrity
(Corporate Functions)
'Be passionate, enthusiastic and proud'

Inspired by ex-Chairman of the Hong Kong Jockey Club, whom once shared "A meaningful life is about realising potential, overcoming adversity and giving back for the common good“ - I saw the GT programme as the best path to embark on my career journey. My educational background and experiences were in Legal and Finance, which perhaps explain my interest in the Security and Integrity function.  

The Department helps maintain a secure environment and integrity in our business. This ensures fair horse racing activities as well as fair opportunities for the placement of wagers. In addition, I found the "Team-first" culture enabling - with a focus on collaborative success, creating not only a friendly and supportive working environment, but also motivating. I have various exposure in the programme such as being a member of the HKJC volunteering ‘CARE’ team, and the opportunity to participate at the Tai Kwun opening. It was an exceptionally rewarding experience after seeing many different functions of the Club coming together, operating as one team, and achieving great success along the way.  

As a GT, we should keep an open mind towards changes and new ideas to equip ourselves and be prepared for the challenges ahead. I believe a career with the Club would be rewarding not just professionally, but also knowing that when I work hard, I am working towards the betterment of the society.

Yonnie is a member of Class 2017 GT currently with the Security & Integrity Department.

Amen Yeung

'Be prepared to hit the ground running'

IT is one of the fastest growing industries in the 21st century and digital transformation is driving the industry. I’ve always been fascinated by HKJC’s leading-edge technology which supports the millions of transaction processes in each race. It is grateful that I got the opportunity to join an accelerated training scheme in the Club which enables me to gain knowledge and grow as an IT professional, whilst equipping myself with both soft skills and technical knowledge.  

I will recommend the HKJC GT programme for anyone who wants to get into the IT field as it offers training, support and exposure. Through divisional orientations and functional trainings, I’ve had the opportunities to gain both business and technical experiences, such as project management skills, technical skills and professional certification. I work with people who are enthusiastic, professional, helpful and supportive. These were fully on display when I was part of the IT project team for the Conghua Racecourse project, where I gained exposure on resources and financial management, stakeholder engagement and governance on various levels. We were part of the team that helped implement a system to track cross-boundary horse movements by GPS!  

I am really looking forward to continuous development and would love to have the chance to demonstrate my leadership capabilities in the Club. And I aspire to become a CIO one day!  

Amen is a member of Class 2017 GT currently with the Information Technology & Sustainability Division.