The Club is one of the largest employers in Hong Kong. There are countless exposures available within the Club’s business and corporate functions. During the programme, you will rotate within and across functions, so there will be plenty of opportunities to learn about our diverse businesses and projects.

Tell us where your aspiration lies and we will seek to match your talents and potential with a fulfilling career.


The Club’s business functions are at the heart of its integrated business model. The Club's racing, customer, charities and membership functions all help it deliver economic and social value to the community.

The Charities and Community Division supports the work of The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust. Over the past decade, our Charities Trust has donated an average of HK$4 billion a year to the community. In 2020/21, its total approved donations were HK$4.5 billion, benefiting 528 charity and community projects.

Working with the Government, NGOs and community partners, the Trust is committed to improving the quality of life of the people of Hong Kong. As a philanthropic organisation in its own right, the Trust also proactively identifies and initiates projects that anticipate future community and social needs.

While the Trust funds a wide range of projects, it is also placing special emphasis on four areas: Positive Ageing & Elderly Care; Children & Youth Development; Healthy Community; and Talent & Capacity Building.

Key functions include:

  • Charities (Grant Making)
  • Charities (Planning and Operations)
  • Trust-Initiated-Projects Management
  • Tai Kwun – Centre for Heritage and Arts

The Customer and International Business Development Division (C&I) is responsible for providing quality wagering experience to local and overseas customers of the Club. It operates 88 Race Meetings a year, 33 Simulcasts days, a thrice-weekly Mark 6 Draw, 7X24 Digital Channels, 7X24 Football Betting Services on over 11,000 different leagues per year.

The ultimate aim is to provide an impressive total customer experience leading to sustainable turnover growth in a responsible manner.

Key functions include:

  • Football Trading and Marketing
  • Lottery Marketing
  • Customer Segments
  • Customer Digital Experience
  • Betting Control and Customer Operations
  • Broadcasting Operations
  • Mainland Co-operation
  • Commingling Development
  • Retail and Telebet Services

The Membership function is responsible for managing one of the world’s finest membership clubs, providing the Club’s members with exceptional hospitality, recreation and personal development opportunities, as well as exclusive access to thoroughbred horse ownership. Membership’s large and diverse operations encompass two racecourses, three clubhouses in Hong Kong and one clubhouse in Beijing.

Key functions include:

  • Hospitality Services & Operations
  • Membership Services
  • Membership Experience Marketing
  • Member CRM & Intelligence
  • Mainland Membership Development
  • Hong Kong Membership Development

The Racing Division manages all aspects of Hong Kong's world-class sport of horse racing. Home to 12 international Group 1 races and to some of the world's best racehorses, Hong Kong also has some of the world's best trainers and jockeys. All of this is supported and made possible by the Club's team of racing professionals.

Key functions include:

  • Dual Site Stables Operations & Owners Services
  • Equestrian Affairs
  • Equine Welfare Research Foundation
  • Farrier Services
  • Handicapping, Race Planning & International Racing
  • Programme Management Office, Racing
  • Raceday Operations, Tracks and Racing Facilities
  • International and Racing Regulation
  • Racing Business and Operations
  • Racing Control
  • Racing Development
  • Racing Laboratory
  • Racing Registry
  • Veterinary Regulation, Welfare & Biosecurity Policy
  • Veterinary Clinical Services


The Club's corporate functions play a vital role in shaping the strategy of the organisation as well as helping it run day-to-day.

The Audit Department contributes to the integrity, effectiveness and efficiency of the Club's diverse operations, and helps management to safeguard the Club from undue financial, operation, security and reputation risks. With this mandate, the function undertakes a wide variety of audits including operations audits, project audits, thematic audits, investigations, and special audits as initiated by management.


The Corporate Affairs Division strengthens the strategic development and positioning of the Club as a world-class racing club and charity organisation, through engaging key stakeholders in both Hong Kong and the Mainland, and maintaining efficient and effective corporate communications.

Key functions include:

  • Public Affairs (Racing, Wagering Communications and Issue Management)
  • Public Affairs (Corporate and Charities Communications)
  • External Affairs
  • Mainland Affairs

The Corporate Strategy and Business Planning Office is responsible for the Club's corporate strategy development, leading the business planning team to define and monitor the progress of the strategic KPIs, and evaluating the progress and quality of the strategy implementation and the implications in the context of the Club's integrated business model.

Key functions include:

  • Corporate Planning and Analysis
  • Mainland Project Development
  • Mainland Strategic Development

The Finance Division provides financial analysis, planning, control and accounting services to the key business units within the Club, and oversees the Club’s financial assets and investments. Through its procurement and supply chain functions, it also provides strategic management of a wide range of purchasing activities which help to sustain the Club’s daily operations and major community development projects. With the Club developing its business to meet new customer needs, the function is playing an expanded and increasingly proactive role.

Key functions include:

  • Finance
  • Investment Office
  • Treasury
  • Strategic Procurement
  • Commercial & Contract Management
  • Logistics and Transport

The Information Technology and Sustainability (IT&S) Division provides innovative technology solutions that contribute significantly to the Club's mission and strategic objectives. This includes developing and managing the Club’s wagering technology, delivering new IT solutions and services based on business and IT requirements, and maintaining on-going support services in order to deliver a premium service to our business and customers.

Key functions include:

  • IT Enterprise Solutions
  • Information Security
  • IT Operations, Systems Assurance & Shenzhen Technology Centre
  • IT Digital and Channel Solutions
  • IT Sports Wagering Solutions
  • IT Racing Wagering and Lottery Solutions
  • IT Strategy and Governance
  • Sustainability

The Legal and Compliance Division supports a full range of legal support and services to all business units of the Club and associated companies. The Club’s diverse business operations require the team to help the business units deal with complex matters by identifying risks and complications, guiding the business units around those obstacles whilst preserving the Club’s reputation and integrity.

Key functions include:

  • Legal Services
  • Corporate Secretariat
  • Compliance

The People and Organisational Development Division leads people strategies and in collaboration with its business partners, builds an achievement culture to achieve sustainable business growth. The function aims to ensure a fit between the people and the overall strategic direction of the Club.

Key functions include:

  • Talent Acquisition
  • Reward and Operations
  • Talent Management
  • Learning and Development
  • Business Facing
  • Organisational Design and Analytics
  • Transformation Communications

The Property Department is committed to providing integrated, customer-centric, sustainable and cost-effective asset management, development management, project management and facilities management services to the key Business Units in the Club.

Key functions include:

  • Facilities Management
  • Property Development Management
  • Asset Management
  • Property Project Management

The Security & Integrity Department is at the center of our core values in ensuring Integrity is preserved. Our work in Security, Integrity, Anti-Money Laundering, and Anti-Illegal Betting contributes to the Club's management of financial crime and corruption risks. We strive to maintain a secure environment to ensure the smooth operation of the Club's business, and uphold honesty and fairness to help to protect horse racing in Hong Kong.

Key functions include:

  • Integrity and Financial Crime Risk
  • Racing Security and Integrity Assurance
  • Corporate Security and Emergency Planning

The Strategic Marketing and Branding function drives the development and implementation of strategic marketing plans and the Club’s brand articulation under its unique business model to continue enhancing the Club's corporate image as a significant contributor to the HK community.

Key functions include:

  • Corporate Branding – Sports and Community Programme
  • Branding and Programme Services
  • Web Solutions and Services
  • MSMB Business Planning