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Home medicine delivery

As the pandemic strains the healthcare system, it has also brought a lot of anxiety to chronically ill patients who have to make regular hospital appointments. Indeed, The Hong Kong Pharmaceutical Care Foundation (HKPCF) has observed that many people who are on long-term medication are afraid to go to Hospital Authority (HA) outpatient clinics for medical appointments during the pandemic.

In response, the Club provided support to HKPCF through its COVID-19 Emergency Fund, which has enabled it to launch a medicine delivery service. Medicine is collected from a HA outpatient clinic on behalf of the patient then delivered to their home.

“Some elderly people who live on their own feel very helpless, and some are cancer patients,” HKPCF director S.C. Chiang said. “They would get very worried if they have only got a couple of days of medication left.”

Chiang felt fortunate that the medicine delivery service was able to launch just in time to support those in need among our community.

Subsequently, Chiang saw the same struggle with attending medical appointments and medicine collection among Covid-19 patients in elderly care homes with confirmed Covid-19 cases and in community isolation facilities. The medicine delivery service was soon expanded to meet their needs.

The fifth wave of Covid-19 outbreaks has seen many different needs appear in our community. Accordingly, the Club provided funding support to the Aberdeen Kai-fong Welfare Association, Health in Action, and Lok Sin Tong Benevolent Society, Kowloon to expand a community pharmacy services scheme and take care of chronically ill persons as well as others in need. In addition, the Jockey Club Food Assistance Programme was expanded to support those affected by quarantine measures due to the pandemic.