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Pursuing the dream of becoming a female medical engineer

Jenny Cao: “I hope Hong Kong will become a society that embraces the inventiveness of technology and modernity, as well as the warmth of humanity and traditions.”

Tapping into the traditionally male-dominated engineering industry, Jenny studied diligently to fulfil her dream. She hopes to use her medical engineering knowledge to give back to society.

Having achieved excellent results in the national college entrance examination in her home city of Chongqing, Jenny could have chosen any first-tier university on the Mainland "but I have a soft spot for Hong Kong,” she smiles. With her parents' encouragement and her Scholarship, she decided to start her new academic year at HKUST. “When I was young, I had an asthma attack during a trip to Hong Kong," Jenny recalls. "I was rushed to the emergency ward. The hospital I stayed was neat and quiet. I was so impressed that Hong Kong had a distinctive blend of humanity and science."

"While fewer females are interested in the engineering field, I like engineering as it's not just theoretical, but it puts theory into practice. It makes a real contribution to society." Jenny has loved to build models and watch science programmes since childhood. She would even take care of whatever furniture or equipment needed to be installed at home. Her inquisitive personality led her to explore the world of engineering.

With the population ageing trend becoming a challenge, Jenny predicts that demands on the medical and health industry will grow. Aiming to broaden her international horizons through four years of university, she is determined to improve the standard of medical devices on the Mainland. She hopes to make a real difference in this field by connecting the medical engineering industries of Mainland China, Hong Kong, and the world.

Jenny has always had a passion for engineering and aspires to make significant contributions in the field of medical engineering one day.

Did you know?

Established in 1998, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarships are one of the Club’s programmes to nurture local talent. To date, some HK$870 million in scholarships have been approved, supporting more than 1,000 students. Apart from undergraduate students, the scheme was expanded in 2015 to include students with special educational needs, and those in vocational education. It also supports postgraduate students to pursue further studies at top notch universities in the world. The Club has extended the Scholarships to two further schemes in 2023 to support outstanding students with top scores in the public examinations and students who have achieved excellence while demonstrating resilience and strength of mind to overcome adversities in life to pursue their studies in Hong Kong. The Club also provides JC Scholars with opportunities for further learning, personal development and social service.

Information updated to Nov 2023