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Empowering the community through design

Au Nga Man: “I hope that Hong Kong will become an inclusive and prosperous society in which people from different backgrounds can live a fair and equal life.”

Design is not just about aesthetics. After graduating from a degree programme in graphic design, she realised an important aspect of design was being practical and helpful. Her instructor once told her that aesthetics was only the basic design requirement; more crucial was whether the design could fulfil its users’ needs. During her studies, Nga Man did not limit herself to designing commercialised products and promotional materials, but also tried to explore different ideas such as creating games to help retired seniors expand their social circles, or designing card games for those suffering from impostor syndrome.

“I want to help others through design,” Nga Man emphasises. Receiving a Jockey Club Scholarship was an important milestone in her life and it empowered her to pursue her dream of exploring the world of design. She actively took part in various volunteer projects and interest classes where she could acquire knowledge and skills applicable to different fields, in order to enrich her life and broaden her horizons. Nga Man chose to be a different type of “designer” after graduation. Instead of applying for higher-paid jobs in the business world, she took up the job of assistant event officer at a charitable organisation. By using her professional design know-how to plan and organise community events, she wanted to bring new ideas to the community and enrich people’s quality of life.

In her spare time, Nga Man participates in local community projects with equal enthusiasm. She conducts field trips with volunteer teams to identify marginalised or needy groups who have difficulty accessing public services. She encourages grass-roots residents to participate in community work themselves and help build a happy living environment through initiatives such as home renovations, helping stray animals and greening. “I really want to use the skills I have learned in community development to enhance people’s lives and make them happy and confident” she says.

Did you know?

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarships programme hopes students it supports will not only fulfil their academic potential, but also serve the community.

Over the past 25 years, scholarship recipients have come from a wide range of backgrounds, from local Chinese students to ethnic minority students, and from those who pursue music, atmospheric science, aerospace engineering and zoology, to budding teachers and educators. The programme has supported a number of students with special learning needs.

All scholarship recipients are members of The Jockey Club Scholars Alumni Association, forming a close-knit group to perform community service.