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Vic Law: “Studying at the HKUST laid the foundation for my academic career. I also met my life-changer, my wife, on the campus.”

If you search the name “Vic Law” online, not only will you learn that he is a Hong Kong born-and-raised theoretical physicist studying quantum phenomena, co-founder and Founding President of The Hong Kong Young Academy of Science, but you will also find many articles about his dedication to supporting the next generation of talent and his efforts to promote scientific research among young people in Hong Kong. Unlike many local scientists who go overseas to develop their careers, Vic chose to return to Hong Kong after studying in the United States for eight years. “My roots are in Hong Kong, I always aspire to return here to contribute,” he stresses.

“I always loved science and physics ever since I was only a child. The Scholarship allowed me to focus more on research during my undergraduate studies at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), while many of my classmates had to take up part-time jobs to help with living expenses.” It was not surprising that Vic would eventually became a “talent scout”. He established the “Academia Olympia” society at HKUST to help classmates explore the world of physics. “At ‘Academia Olympia’, we gather every weekend to discuss interesting topics in physics and mathematics and learn from each other. Several of us are now physics and maths professors in Hong Kong and overseas. Some even became world-famous award-winning scientists”, he says.

Vic has studied and worked in different countries. After his Ph.D study at Brown University and another three years as a postdoctoral fellow at MIT in the United States, Vic came back to Hong Kong, the city that always comes first with him, as a faculty member of HKUST. “Hong Kong is highly developed in terms of environment, law and order, transportation and economy. Its research environment is also excellent in the world. We have world-class universities, graduate students and policies. I am very honoured to be serving my alma mater after graduation. I want to give back to society and bring opportunities to local students with potential, in the same way I was inspired to see the world through the funding of the Jockey Club Scholarships. I hope the younger generation will come back to Hong Kong after their studies and pass on their scientific wisdom. ”In addition to his educational work, Vic has been named an RGC Research Fellow by the Research Grant Council recently. He continues with his research in the area of quantum materials, and aims to establish an internationally competitive research group in Hong Kong.

Did you know?

Established in 1998, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarships are one of the Club’s programmes to nurture local talent. To date, some HK$870 million in scholarships have been approved, supporting more than 1,000 students. Apart from undergraduate students, the scheme was expanded in 2015 to include students with special educational needs and those in vocational education. It also supports postgraduate students to pursue further studies at top notch universities in the world. The Club has extended the Scholarships to two further schemes in 2023 to support outstanding students with top scores in the public examinations and students who have achieved excellence while demonstrating resilience and strength of mind to overcome adversities in life to pursue their studies in Hong Kong. The Club also provides JC Scholars with opportunities for further learning, personal development and social service.

Information updated to Nov 2023