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Brittle bones but strong spirit

Yuen Wing Ki: “I hope you can keep doing what you like.”

Wing Ki suffers from the genetic disorder osteogenesis imperfecta, commonly known as “brittle bone disease”. With bones that break easily, it is not difficult to imagine she has been a frequent hospital patient over the years and learned to overcome pain and other difficulties. Despite these severe challenges, she has become an accomplished para table tennis player and started her studies in Animation and Digital Arts at Lingnan University this year.

Being prone to injuries, she underwent orthopaedic surgery frequently. How did she surmount all these hurdles? “I don’t want to worry my family,” Wing Ki says. “Although it was really painful, I chose to keep it to myself.” Looking back, she was amazed that she could handle it all. She is grateful to her doctor who made the best decisions on her operations, reducing the number of injuries.

Stress inevitably arose when Wing Ki had to deal with both illness and school work. She learned to destress by drawing and playing table tennis, a sport that worried her family when she started to learn it. “My mother was very protective of me when I was a kid, and seldom allowed me to participate in any outdoor activities,” she recalls. “The ping pong touched a raw nerve with her at first. Yet as she saw me growing over the challenges, she let me decide what to do.”

Wing Ki participated in the 2019 IWAS World Games for Women with Disabilities TT1-5 Singles Open and won a bronze medal.

Wing Ki started her university programme whilst maintaining an intensive training schedule, hoping to strike a balance. “I train four to five days a week, but I also want to be more involved in school life and get to know more friends. I hope that one day, I can produce an animation film about people with disabilities, advocating for an inclusive society.”

Did you know?

Established in 1998, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarships are one of the Club’s programmes to nurture local talent. To date, some HK$870 million in scholarships have been approved, supporting more than 1,000 students. Apart from undergraduate students, the scheme was expanded in 2015 to include students with special educational needs and those in vocational education. It also supports postgraduate students to pursue further studies at top notch universities in the world. The Club has extended the Scholarships to two further schemes in 2023 to support outstanding students with top scores in the public examinations and students who have achieved excellence while demonstrating resilience and strength of mind to overcome adversities in life to pursue their studies in Hong Kong. The Club also provides JC Scholars with opportunities for further learning, personal development and social service.

Information updated to Nov 2023