Doing good together

We’re committed to enabling a culture of giving back in Hong Kong. Our JC VOLUNTEER TOGETHER programme connects the community and NGOs, providing pathways for people to discover a wide range of volunteering opportunities and fostering an ongoing commitment to volunteerism.


The Club believes in the potential of the people in Hong Kong and is dedicated to helping them reach new heights and bringing positive impact to the city. Through close collaboration on a range of initiatives with the not-for-profit sector, the Club has been bringing people together from diverse backgrounds to share their experiences, learn new skills, and amplifying their collective impact on the community.

The “JC VOLUNTEER TOGETHER” Project is also part of the Club’s endeavour to make Hong Kong a better place to live. This citywide programme aims to foster a culture of volunteerism in the city. In collaboration with 12 partner organisations, we strive to develop innovative volunteer engagement models that leverage a digital platform to mobilise the public in volunteering and building a caring community in Hong Kong. Find out more:

Additionally, recognising the special educational needs for students, the Club has established the “Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarships” programme to reward outstanding students to pursuit their studies, by both fulfilling their academic potential and encouraging them to serve the community. Find out more:

Going forward, the Club will continue to promote talent and sector excellence while sustaining a culture of doing social good and to contribute to the betterment of Hong Kong.


We are committed bringing people together to achieve their potential and maximise their impact in the community. Here are some examples about our efforts over the years.


Supporting education and knowledge advancement

The Club initiates and supports the construction of the city's third university, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), between 1987 and 1992, in response to the growing demand for university graduates to fuel an economy increasingly based on services.


Nurturing the leaders of tomorrow

The Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarships is established to nurture caring leaders for a better Hong Kong. Over the last 26 years, the scheme has evolved to support more than 1,000 young talents, encompassing students with special educational needs, students from the Mainland and other countries, vocational and postgraduate education.


Building a resilient community with innovation

The JC InnoPower programme incubates over 200 innovative projects, benefiting over 150,000 students and service users. It nurtures a community of hundreds of leaders across 130 NGOs and schools across Hong Kong, helping to develop social welfare and education sector innovation and promote social resilience at large.


Embedding proactive effects for our future creators

CoolThink@JC is launched to inspire students’ proactive use of technologies for social good from an early age. Since then, it has empowered over 100,000 students with computational thinking and AI knowledge. Its education materials have been adopted by the HKSARG and integrated into all publicly-funded primary schools, effective from the 2023-2024 school year.


Fostering a culturally inclusive community

In collaboration with multiple universities and NGOs in Hong Kong, the C-for-Chinese@JC initiative empowers over 50 kindergartens and 11 primary schools, providing them with a set of Culturally Responsive Education Benchmarks and a series of professional development courses to support more than 7,000 students on their learning journeys.


Building strong foundation for our young explorers

KeySteps@JC bridges developmental gaps in children aged 3-6 through a multidisciplinary community-based approach, providing holistic support for young children, from home to school. In Phase 2, it aims to directly benefit 70,000 children and their families, as well as some 650 teachers in over 280 kindergartens by 2027.


Building the base to avert future health crises

The Club confirms to support the construction of the Tower of One Health of the City University of Hong Kong. With the commitment to protecting and ensuring the community is prepared to avert the unwanted, it will be equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for teaching and research, with a targeted completion date set for 2025.


Learning without boundaries

In collaboration with special schools, Hong Kong Christian Services, and The Education University of Hong Kong, the JC Experiential Learning Project is launched to help over 4,000 students with intellectual disability develop generic life skills. Adventure-based learning and virtual reality-based learning, as well as diversified training practises are introduced to strengthen students’ career and life development.


Pioneering the way forward for students in need

The Jockey Club ‘CoolPlay’, a seven-year project, is launched and aims to support the development of exploratory learning skills in kindergarteners, especially those from low-income backgrounds. Through exploratory learning materials named “JumpStarter”, tailored in-school support, teacher training, and community activities, the project will further strengthen the Home-School-Community Network to benefit over 14,300 students across 239 kindergartens.


Championing our innovation talents

The state-of-the-art research facilities led by the Government’s Global STEM Scholars are established under JC STEM Lab initiatives in order to nurture local STEM talents while promoting knowledge transfer and cross-sector collaboration; as of 2024, over 40 JC STEM Labs are set up with over 400 local STEM talents to be benefited.


Promoting active appreciation of our origin

The three-year ‘Jockey Club Animated Classical Chinese for Curious Minds’ Project is launched with an aim to enrich primary students’ knowledge of Chinese classical texts and culture in a lively and interesting way. Through a 48-episode animation series across six grades, the project is expected to reach over 90 schools and 54,000 students.


Spreading kindness across the community

JC VOLUNTEER TOGETHER, a citywide programme that promotes volunteerism through innovative volunteer engagement models for volunteers of all age, is launched. Over 270 schools and 50,000 students have participated in school-based programmes; more than 2,000 charitable institutions and 10,000 volunteers have been engaged, and over 7,000 are active users of the platform.


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