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We're committed to helping people age with dignity and improving the well-being of caregivers. The Jockey Club Carer Space Project aims to connect over 40,000 caregivers and elderly people in need of care to timely and appropriate support services.


As people age, they may find themselves becoming disconnected from the community or facing financial difficulties. To help our seniors age with dignity and respect, we have been making efforts to build Hong Kong into an age-friendly city, to enhance family wellbeing, and to promote the use of digital technology for health management. We are committed to nurturing a more friendly, supportive environment which can improve the lives of the elderly and those who stand by them.

Caregivers play an important role in supporting the ageing journey of older people, yet they often face challenges and significant stress, with their own needs frequently overlooked. Recognising the need for broader attention in this area, “The Jockey Club Carer Space Project (JC Carer Space)” was initiated as a pilot programme that aims to connect caregivers and older people with care needs to timely and appropriate services. Launched in 2023, the programme has established carer-centric service centres across Hong Kong, increasing public awareness on caregivers’ needs and promoting a carer-friendly community. Find out more:


We are committed to improving the well-being of caregivers, and helping the underprivileged elderly people age with dignity and respect. Here are some examples about our efforts over the years.


Transforming dementia support and care

The Jockey Club Centre for Positive Ageing (JCCPA) is the first centre of its kind in Hong Kong, offering integrated support services for people who have dementia by combining day care, respite and outreach services, along with training programmes for caregivers and healthcare professionals.


Empowering seniors for a more fulfilling future

In light of a rapidly ageing population, CADENZA: A Jockey Club Initiative for Seniors was launched to promote new approaches to elderly healthcare through community programmes, professional development and scientific research, public education and training.


Revitalising elderly centres

The Jockey Club Elderly Facilities Modernisation Scheme helped the upgrading of physical settings and facilities of over 200 elderly centres in Hong Kong, and enabled 200,000 elderly users to engage more fully in community life.


Fostering an age-friendly community

In partnership with four gerontology research institutes in Hong Kong, the Jockey Club Age-friendly City Project is designed to focus on building an age-friendly community and addressing the challenges and opportunities of an ageing population.


Supporting elderly mental health

The JC JoyAge Project provides a community-based support network for older people facing the challenges of ageing. It aligns community mental health services with district elderly services, offering prevention and intervention services to those at risk of, or living with, depression.


Bridging elderly health management with digital technology

The Jockey Club Community eHealth Care Project is the first territory-wide elderly care project that integrates digital health management technology, community care and professional support. It aims to encourage older people to develop self-management habits and enhance their understanding of their own health.


Supporting the caregivers

The Caritas Jockey Club Resource and Support Centre for Carers is the first designated centre for caregivers. It provides integrated support services to formal and informal caregivers, including counselling, basic care skills training and stress management.


Empowering seniors and caregivers through gerontechnology

The Jockey Club “age at home” Gerontech Education and Rental Service intends to broaden understanding of gerontechnology and its application to build up capability of ageing-in-place among elderly and their caregivers. The consultation and rental service have benefitted more than 3,000 elderly people, and the Education Service Centre has reached over 22,000 elders and carers and provided training to around 25,000 people.


Strengthening Pandemic Preparedness under COVID-19

In collaboration with the Social Welfare Department, the Jockey Club Facilities Enhancement Scheme for Pandemic Preparedness at Residential Care Homes provided subsidy to elderly homes and residential care homes for disabilities to upgrade their safety and infection control facilities during the pandemic. Some 80,000 residents and 40,000 staff in about 1,100 residential care homes were benefited.


Supporting the caregiver in the community

The Jockey Club “Stand-by U” Caregivers Community Support Project was introduced to alleviate caregivers’ burden and improve their quality of life throughout the caregiving journey.


Information gateway for caregivers

In collaboration with the Social Welfare Department, the JC Carers e-Navigation Project was launched as a resource portal, providing comprehensive and up-to-date information to caregivers of the elderly and people with disabilities, encouraging them to seek help whenever needed.


Reaching out to the hard-to-reach elderly

The Jockey Club “Reach-to-Bridge” Community Elderly Support Project aims to connect with 22,000 hard-to-reach elderly people. Using the online platform developed by the University of Hong Kong, project partners are able to assess specific service needs of the elderly, provide timely support and make referrals to suitable community resources. Home improvement works will also be carried out for over 5,700 elderly households.


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