Election Criteria

The Champion Trainer, Champion Jockey and Tony Cruz Award (to be presented to Freelance Jockey or Apprentice) shall be based on the result of their performance, namely the number of wins in the 2017/2018 Season. The Most Improved Horse shall be based on performance, namely the horse with the greatest rating increase in the 2017/2018 Season. In the event of a tie, the award shall go to the horse with the higher rating and if there is a tie still, to the horse which has earned higher prize money in the current season.

The Judging Panel shall elect the Champion Sprinter, Champion Miler, Champion Middle-distance Horse, Champion Stayer and Champion Griffin. All nominations shall be Hong Kong resident horses. Excluding the Champion Griffin category, all nominees must have won a Group race, a Four Year Old Classic Series race or been Group 1 placed in Hong Kong during the season to be eligible. In addition, overseas performances after the arrival of the horse in Hong Kong are eligible for consideration using the same criteria. The horse receiving the highest number of votes from the Judging Panel shall become the winner in that category. The Horse of the Year will be elected from the winners of the respective distance categories, excluding the Champion Griffin.

New griffins of the current season shall be nominated for the Champion Griffin category.

“The Most Popular Horse of the Year”, “The Most Popular Jockey of the Year” and “The Most Admired Overseas Horse of the Year” will be voted by the public as a lead-up marketing initiative.

The winning horse for each category will be determined by way of anonymous ballot by Judging Panel members. The results will be compiled, in confidence, by the Honorary Auditor and will be kept in sealed envelopes until the announcement.

In the event that there is a tie in the election and a casting vote is required from the Chairman of the Judging Panel, the Chairman will place his casting vote in confidence under the witness of the auditor.

The Awards

There shall be 13 awards including the three lead-up marketing events, namely, “The Most Popular Jockey of the Year”, “The Most Popular Horse of the Year” and “The Most Admired Overseas Horse of the Year”. Their names and election methods are as follows:

* In the event of a tie, the award should go to the licensed person with no or fewer dead heat winner(s); if there’s still a tie, then the award should go to the one with a higher number of placings, considering firstly the number of seconds, then followed by the number of thirds. If there is a tie still, the licensed persons involved will be deemed to be co-Champions.

** Horses may be nominated and be selected in more than one of the categories.

Judging Panel

The Judging Panel is made up of three members each from The Hong Kong Jockey Club and the Association of Hong Kong Racing Journalists.