What is Winning Region?

"Winning Region" allows you to pick all the horses from your preferred region in the same race at once. Horses in a race are grouped into three to four composites based on their representing regions.


You can collect a dividend when any horse from your chosen region finishes first in the race. No matter which horse within the composite actually wins, the payout will be the same.

  • AVAILABLE ON SELECTED RACES: Such as International Races with 7 or more horses
  • UNIT BET $10
  • REBATE: Same as Win, a 10% rebate is applicable for Winning Region losing# betting ticket* or betline** with a total losing bet amount of HK$10,000 or above in local races.
# Only when all horses in the same composite do not come 1st in the race will it be considered as a losing bet for rebate
* Applicable to Cash Betting, Electronic Shroff Card and eWallet
** Applicable to Telebet, Online Betting Service and other Interactive Services