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Racing, Football & Mark Six channels
Live broadcast, replays and infotainment at your fingertips

Racing Channel

Nonstop horse racing action

Football Channel

Selections of live football matches throughout the season

Mark Six Channel

Live telecast of Mark Six draws

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加強賽馬頻道 賽前賽後 賽前賽後 賽前賽後 賽前賽後 賽前賽後 賽馬直擊 試閘片段 即時賽馬資訊

The Better Racing Channel

An infotainment racing channel featuring live races and analysis to give you a better grasp of racing.

Live races

Raceday Radio offering you with live commentaries. Priority Card holders can also watch races live on their mobile devices.

*Program transmission is subject to a short delay due to various factors such as network connection speed. Please take note of the actual stop selling time when placing bets.


Share your thoughts and comments among racing fans.

Race DayNEW

Stay tuned with statistics including First 4 Runners’ Draw, Favourite Horses and Stables’ Results to unveil racing insights.

Race ReminderNEW

First-hand information of a race meeting.

Race Analysis

From race previews to reviews, we put you on the winning track with high-calibre analysis.

Racing News

Stay tuned for the latest racing news with daily update and interviews from the track.

Barrier trials

Watch barrier trials and get first-hand information on each horse’s form.

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Football Channel

Stay informed with live matches, in-depth analysis, live scores and daily news both on and off the pitch.

Live Streaming

Selections of live football matches throughout the season.

足球直播 即時比數 即時戰況 即場分析 足球資訊

Live Score

Real-time updates of all concurrent matches.

Advance Live Info

Live statistics, line-ups, goal alerts, live pitch and live commentaries for selected matches.

In Play Analysis

Prime In Play statistics based on goal & match status. Live updates of goal & match statistics.

Football News

Exciting content including Match Previews, Match Highlights and Video News.

*Chinese version only.

六合彩頻道 隆重登場 攪珠直播 下期資訊 攪珠結果

Mark Six Channel

Break the geographic barrier with our live broadcast of Mark Six draws.

Live draw

Catch the Mark Six draws live wherever you are.

Next draw info

Information on the next draw date and
estimated 1st division prize fund.

Draw result

Miss the live draw? You can easily check the latest results in one click.

Live Programme Schedule

Live programmes for Horse Racing, Football and Mark Six at a glance

Customisable Style

HKJC TV allows you to personalise a style based on your own preference.

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HKJC TV is compatible with the following OS:

iPhone/iPad: iOS 7.0 or above
Android device: Android OS 4.3 or above
The performance of HKJC TV may be affected by platform & software version adopted by individual handset.

You can download the free application in iTunes by searching "HKJC TV".

For activating HKJC TV, you have to link your registered HKJC Web Account with your registered Betting Account.

Please check your accounts status:

  • If you do not have a Betting Account, you can apply it online.
  • If you do not have a HKJC Web Account (but you have a Betting Account):
    Select "Register Now" at HKJC Login page, click "I have a Betting Account and would like to use Mobile Betting Service" and complete the rest of the application to enjoy the service. For ease of application, you can apply it here.
  • If you already have a registered HKJC Web Account and it's already linked with your registered Betting Account, you can login to HKJC TV directly for enjoying the service
  • If you are not sure if you have registered any accounts, please check it with Customer Care at 1818.

No, you can login to HKJC TV with your Betting Account or registered Mobile Betting or Online Betting login name and password.

If you have installed or downloaded HKJC TV, you can activate it in two ways:

  • If live broadcasting is available in HKJC TV or there are live broadcasting programmes listed in the programme rundown within 48 hours, you can access to HKJC TV via HKJC Mobile Betting Service. Select In Play under FOOTBALL section, pick Live TV or click More for selection HKJC TV in Mobile Betting app.

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  • You can also open the application by clicking on HKJC TV icon on your mobile or tablet devices.

From time to time, app would be updated for providing speedy and stable services to users. "Update Message" will pop up in your screen when updated version is available for your download. Please click "Confirm" for downloading the updates and continue enjoying HKJC TV services.

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HKJC TV provides Racing, Football and Mark Six infotainment services; betting service is not available on HKJC TV. You can click "BET" on HKJC TV and it will redirect you to HKJC Mobile Betting Service app. (if you have already installed HKJC mobile betting service app)

View Racing live broadcast: A “Play” icon will be shown on the “Live” page when the broadcast soon to be started. You can select the language, and click the “play” button to enjoy the racing live streaming.

View Football live broadcast: Live button will be shown on the match schedule page five minutes before match kick-off. You can click the Live button to view the live football streaming.

View Mark Six broadcast: Live button will be shown on the “Live” page five minutes before it starts. You can click the Live button to view the live Mark Six live streaming.

No. “Horse Racing Live” streaming service is available for Priority Card holders only.

Local Racing & Mark Six live streaming service are provided by the Club. Football live streaming service is provided by third party service provider.