Our Corporate Functions departments play a major role in shaping the strategy of the HKJC as well as helping it to run day-to-day. The scope of our business means that you might find yourself developing and managing our property assets, upholding the Club's high standard of integrity as part of our security team or delivering people solutions to our 21,000 strong workforce. As one of the world’s top ten charity donors and one of its most admired racing organisations, we want colleagues who are passionate about the work we do both on and off the track.


As a member of the Human Resources and Organisational Development team, you will help us maintain the HKJC's dynamic and vibrant company culture. You will have the opportunity to work with employees across 60 departments, helping us attract and develop top talent, design training and learning programmes, and create professional development opportunities that will keep our 21,000 person workforce strong, happy, and engaged.

  • Compensation & Benefits: Develop reward & benefit strategies to attract and retain top talent. Design organisational structures that will help deliver the HKJC's business.
  • HR Systems, Policy, and Compliance: Create business processes that will help departments function more efficiently and effectively. Conduct statutory monitoring and analysis to ensure policy compliance.
  • HR Business Partner / Servicing:  Help internal clients manage their human resources, and deliver people solutions to business units through manpower planning, recruitment, people development, and performance management.
  • Employee Relations: Establish internal communication channels and build relationships with Club employees. Manage occupational safety and health.
  • Organisational Development: Provide employees with comprehensive development opportunities and so help build the HKJC's human capital.


As a member of the Property team, you will work at the intersection of past and present - on the one hand helping to maintain some of our historic 60 year-old buildings, on the other taking part in exciting construction projects combining the latest materials and design. Your work could take you anywhere - one day you might be working on our latest five star racecourse venues, the next at our elite Beijing Clubhouse, and the next planning rooftop gardens at our Sha Tin offices.

  • Property Facilities Management: Ensure the ongoing functionality and cost-effective operation of Club properties. Provide technical support internally and for Club events.
  • Property Development Management: Manage development from inception to completion. Establish briefs, master plans, and accommodation & asset value enhancement strategies.
  • Property Asset Management: Optimise operational and investment asset values. Formulate surplus property strategies through tenancy administration and portfolio improvement.
  • Property Project Management: Ensure projects are adequately funded, governed, and delivered. Deploy contingency plans through risk assessment and engineering recommendations.


As a member of the Security & Integrity team, you will help uphold the HKJC's reputation and high standards, both in its internal functions and in its relationship with members, customers and partners. You may be involved in preventing money-laundering activities, investigating allegations of malpractice, or helping to ensure the safety of customers at racecourses – no matter the role, you will be helping to safeguard the integrity of the HKJC's extraordinary legacy.

  • Due Diligence & Research: Join a team of highly skilled research analysts and former Police and ICAC officers to identify criminal activities, investigate malpractice and enforce the Club's anti-bribery and corruption-related policies.
  • Anti-Money Laundering:  Ensure the Club's compliance with money laundering related laws and regulations.
  • Corporate Security: Provide physical security solutions for the Club's customers, horses and assets. Manage racecourse safety for crowds of up to 100,000 people.


As a member of the Supply Chain team, you will manage the flow of goods and services across HKJC's many portfolios. Your relationships with our partners will directly support the Club's sustainability, health and safety, environmental, and social policies. As one of the world's logistics and supply chain management hubs, Hong Kong is the ideal place to do work that truly benefits our community.

  • Strategic Procurement and Category Management: Design sourcing and procurement strategies that deliver optimum value to HKJC by securing the right suppliers at the right price and developing end-to-end supply chain processes.
  • Commercial and Contract Management: Guard the Club's commercial interests by mitigating risks, conducting due diligence, and managing contracts and commercial relationships to ensure the best value for HKJC.
  • Centralised Supply Chain Operations: Enhance and improve processes, systems, policies and procedures, to guarantee the efficient and effective operation of the entire Supply Chain and Procurement Department.