Our Business Functions departments are the crucial interface between the Club, its customers and the wider community. They play a vital role in ensuring we offer an entertainment experience that excites and delights racing fans and Club members, while also helping us engage with the community through charity projects.

You might find yourself guiding colleagues in the delivery of customer relationship management, directing complex catering and clubhouse operations, or devising new entertainment experiences at our two racecourses. Equally you may find yourself making a social impact through our charity programmes.

Agile, adaptable and dynamic are just a few words to describe our Business Functions. With opportunities to work across the entire business, we offer a unique learning environment where you can develop your skills - and have a lot of fun along the way.


As a member of the Channels team, you will be our frontline ambassador, interacting with customers and helping them navigate the many facets of the HKJC. You will become an expert in our business, learning the ins and outs of our three touchpoints - Retail, Telebet, and Interactive Services – and helping us enhance the customer experience at our stores, on the phone, and online.

  • Retail: Join an award-winning team tasked with delivering service excellence across 100+ branches and 100+ racecourse service booths and which on peak race days handles over 1million customers and 2.8 million transactions.
  • Telebet: Develop your people management skills by helping to oversee 8,000 staff, who each race day handle 1 million calls and 1.5 million transactions.
  • Interactive Services (IS): Join our fast-growing digital channels team, which serves over 600,000 customers and contributes over 40% of the Club's turnover.


As a member of the Charities & Community team, you will help the HKJC anticipate, evaluate and make recommendations to address the multiple and diverse needs of our community. You will help us build Hong Kong into an age-friendly city, inspire its youth to take part in social innovation, and champion sport as a positive force for good in society. And with the HKJC one of the top ten charitable contributors in the world, disbursing HK$3.87 billion in 2014/15 alone, you can be sure that you will be making a real difference to the lives of many, many people.

  • Grant-Making: The Grant-Making Department is responsible for the fully-integrated charitable funding process, including managing funding applications, due diligence of proposals, project feasibility assessment, monitoring project spending, project management monitoring, and impact evaluation. The team also proactively and strategically brings together multiple and cross-sectoral parties to tackle social needs through HKJC initiated projects and programmes.
  • Charities Communication: The Charities Communication Department is responsible for the development and execution of the division's integrated communication strategy, stakeholder engagement, and related publicity events and initiatives.
  • Community Relations: The Community Relations Department is responsible for maintaining and developing a comprehensive and sustainable community infrastructure to support HKJC initiatives, continuously engaging different stakeholders and local organisations in order to cultivate a broad-based support network.
  • Strategy & Planning: The Strategy & Planning Department is responsible for formulating Charities Trust level and thematic strategies and improving the effectiveness of the division's work.


As a member of the Customer and Marketing team, you will help provide the HKJC's customers with a world-class sporting and entertainment experience. Whether you're working in frontline operations or helping to develop customer strategies and systems, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that all your efforts ultimately benefit Hong Kong.

  • Marketing: Formulate marketing strategies for our different wagering products, locally and globally.
  • Sports Trading: Drive business performance through sports trading.
  • Customer Management and Experience: Tailor-make customer experiences for the HKJC's wide range of customers - ranging from horse owners, to dedicated racing enthusiasts, to football fans, tourists, and more.
  • Systems and Operations: Manage business day systems and operations.


As part of the Membership team, you will be at the heart of one of the most prestigious private clubs in Asia, offering Members and their guests a unique and diverse dining, recreation and leisure experience. You will work with Members from all over the world, helping them take full advantage of their membership and even guiding some of them through the exciting process of becoming a race horse owner.


  • Deliver best-in-class hospitality services and the finest food & beverage products.
  • Provide outstanding customer service at four Clubhouses and two racecourses.
  • Maintain the Club's reputation for offering some of Asia's finest dining, accommodation, recreation, and leisure facilities.

Membership Services

  • Formulate and implement strategies and processes to achieve the HKJC's mission of becoming the best membership Club in Asia.
  • Design, implement, and review policies to continuously improve the Membership experience.
  • Engage directly with Members and help them get the most out of the Club.