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Beas River Equestrian Centre - Training & Exams

Since 1993, the Hong Kong Jockey Club has maintained an invaluable relationship with the British Horse Society (BHS), whose examination system is one of the best and most widely respected in the world. All HKJC riding schools are certified by the BHS and pride themselves on maintaining the highest possible standards. The BHS regularly inspects each school to check if it meets the requirements for safety, horse welfare and tuition, ensuring compliance and giving you peace of mind.

Furthermore, Beas River Equestrian Centre and Tuen Mun Public Riding School are also BHSapproved training centres. They undergo an additional specific inspection to ensure that the training provided to students meets the standard they have been approved to deliver.

Instructors at 'Where to Train Centres' are current members of the Register of Instructors and must stay up-to-date with current standards by attending seminars and conferences. They must also be qualified one level up from the level the centre is approved to train. For example, a centre approved to train for BHSAI must employ at least one registered BHSII instructor or the equivalent international standard.

BREC holds BHS exam stages 1 to 4, including PTT and Intermediate Teaching Test at least once a year. Intensive training courses are available for BHS members.

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