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One Horse, Two Careers

Beas River Equestrian Centre - Livery Holdership Scheme for Members

Livery Holdership Programme

Livery Holdership of a retired racehorse is available to all members who demonstrate adequate riding skills and basic stable-management knowledge. The Retraining Unit assesses all horses in training and those identified as suitable are made available for livery. A perfect match is our number-one goal, therefore the requirements are rigid and the assessment process may take some time. Beas River Equestrian Centre is constantly looking for suitable horses for the programme as these retired racehorses have so much to give to Members who wish to experience looking after a horse on a daily basis and bonding and learning together.

Once a horse is on livery, there is a support mechanism in place so that both the horse and the rider receive continuous training from Instructors to develop a solid bond and establish a good foundation that will enable them to make progress quickly.

Horses are stabled in the main yard with a locker for tack. An Equestrian Assistant cares for the horse, while the member is welcome to enjoy all our facilities from 6:00am to 12:00noon and from 2:00pm to 9:00pm, Tuesdays to Sundays. Lessons, schooling, lunging and all other requests can be arranged through our Administration Office. We provide for all basic needs such as fodder, bedding, hand-walking and horse-walking assistance as well as farrier services and routine vet check-ups. The stable's office follows through with any additional requests.

Members who are interested in this programme can register with the Administration Office for the latest updates on available horses.

Guidelines and Forms related to Livery in BREC
1) BREC Livery Allocation System
2) Livery Starter Package
3) Application for Livery Ownership
4) Horses available for Livery at BREC - October 2017

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