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One Horse, Two Careers

Beas River Equestrian Centre - Getting Started

Enrollment (HKJC Members only)

People wishing to sign up for lessons at HKJC riding schools must be six years old and above at the time of enrollment. They will be placed on the waiting list and the office will then contact them when suitable lessons become available. New riders will undergo an assessment to determine their level. To sign up, please download the Enrollment Form and submit it to corresponding riding school.


Preparing for Your First Lesson

  • What to wear
  • Riders should wear clothes that are comfortable to move in, preferably no jeans.  Shoes must have a small flat heel and ankle support.  Trainers are not suitable footwear for riding.  All riders must wear a helmet and gloves.  For first-time riders, helmets can be rented at the riding school.  Wearing of jewellery is prohibited except for stud earrings, wedding rings and watches. 

  • Stay hydrated

    Always remember to bring a water bottle.  Leave it with your instructor before you begin your lesson.

  • What to bring

    Aside from a water bottle, please bring any medicine that you may require such as an inhaler.  Also, apply sunscreen and insect repellant before your lesson.

  • How you should behave around ponies and horses

    Horses/ponies are like every other animal and may react suddenly and unpredictably to loud noises and quick movements.  Always walk calmly and do not run around the yard.  Never walk right behind a horse and only approach it when given permission by a member of the staff.  Each pony and horse has its own character, and most enjoy lots of attention and love.

  • Please do not feed the horses

  • Always listen to your instructor and inform her/ him if you have any concerns or questions

  • Eating is not allowed

Q & A

Q: What age do I need to be to start riding lesson?
A: All HKJC Riding Schools only accept enrollees who are over six years old.  You must also be at least six years old to be on the waiting list.

Q: Are there any other activities with horses for smaller children?
A: Some of the HKJC Riding Schools provide Stable Tours and pony ride activities.

Q: How much do riding lessons cost?
A: For details on costs, please contact the relevant riding school.

Q: What types of horse-riding lessons are available?
A: Usually you can find lessons on dressage, jumping and stable management, but each riding school tailors its lessons according to its facilities and horses/ponies available.

Q: How many people are in the group lessons?
A: Group lessons are usually between five to six people depending on the size of the arena and level of lesson.

Q: How should I dress for my lesson? what equipment do I need?
A: You do not need to have new equipment when coming to your first lessons.  Wear comfortable clothes.  Long pants and long-sleeved shirts are recommended.  Shoes with a low flat heel are essential as is a safety helmet.  You may be able to rent shoes/helmet at your riding school for a small cost.

Q: Can I buy riding equipment and tack at the riding school?
A: The Beas River Equestrian Centre has its own tack shop stocking helmets/boots/jodhpurs and other riding gear as well as useful equipment for your horse.  HKJC public riding schools also stock basic riding equipment for sale.

Q: Should I bring a whip/spurs?
A: Please discuss with your instructor before using whips/spurs during your lesson.  Your instructor will be able to advise on when and how to use these.

Q: What other options do I have if I am not interested in riding but would like to learn more about horses and be more involved in the sport?
A: There are regular shows and events held at most HKJC riding schools.  Spectators and non-riders are welcome and this offers a great opportunity to watch the sport live.  Other options are stable-management lessons and show stewarding/judge training.  For more information, contact your riding school and see Shows and Events.

Q: I am interested in competing.  what should I do to get started?
A: Discuss with your instructor what kind of competitions are available for your level and how you can hire a horse/pony for this.  Work hard on your lessons and the skills needed in your chosen discipline and check Shows and Events for information on show dates and how to enter.

Q: Can I bring guests/family members to watch my lesson?
A: Friends/family are welcome to watch, but remember everyone must comply with the rules and regulations of the yard.  Children must be supervised at all times.  All spectators must observe silence or must not do anything to  distract the horses and riders.  They must stay at designated areas while watching lessons.

Q: Is the public allowed to visit the stables?
A: Visitors should register at the Riding School Admin Office and should never go into the stables without the permission of the staff.  Tuen Mun and BREC hold regular Stable Tours.  For details, please refer to Stable Tour.

Q: How do I enroll?
A: You can enroll to receive HKJC Riding Schools lessons by filling up an Online Enrollment Form.  For other riding schools, please contact their offices directly.

Q: What if I want to ride in different riding schools?
A: Please note that BRRS is a members-only facility.  Enrollment in any of the HKJC public riding schools is subject to availability.  For private riding schools, please contact them directly.

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