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One Horse, Two Careers

Beas River Equestrian Centre – Pony Ride

Our 5 minute ‘Pony rides’ are a great way to introduce children to the fun of horse riding in a safe and engaging environment.  The children are provided with a safety helmet and assisted with mounting and walking the pony in our stable paddock near the clubhouse.  An experienced handler is always by their side and one of our qualified instructors is on hand to offer guidance and encouragement as well. Children must be

1) Age 3 to 12 and
2) Height 85cm or above and
3) 110lbs or below

Cost is HK$50/session (5mins)

Please contact the Equestrian Administration Office for further information or you can make your Pony Ride booking via the below Registration Form.


Stable Etiquette Guidelines

The Guidelines for Stable Etiquette are not an attempt to limit the enjoyment of Members, but are, in fact, necessary to ensure maximum enjoyment and safety of all members and visitors.

All members of Beas River Equestrian Centre (BREC) must abide by the rules below:

  1. No one may enter BREC premises outside of the hours of operation. *

  2. No one may enter a stable block when the doors are closed.

  3. Minors under the age of 16 must be directly supervised by an adult at all times.

  4. Shouting and running are prohibited.

  5. Dogs must be kept on a leash at all times on BREC premises.

  6. Proper closed-toed shoes must be worn if entering the stables.

  7. All visitors are requested to leave the stable blocks during the horses' feeding time.

  8. Smoking is prohibited in all stables and paddocks.

  9. No children's prams or wheelchairs are permitted in stable bocks.

  10. Hand-feeding of horses in stable blocks is prohibited.

  11. Horses have the right of way in all areas.

  12. Accidents should be reported to BREC staff or the office immediately.

  13. Vehicles entering BREC must observe the minimum speed limit and should always give way to horses.

  14. No one may enter a horse's stable unless authorised to do so.

  15. Please make your intentions known by other riders when entering paddocks.

  16. No littering.

Members shall be liable to the Club for any and all Club properties damaged or removed by them or by their guests, family or other invitees.

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