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One Horse, Two Careers

Beas River Equestrian Centre - Beas River Riding School - Introduction

Welcome to the Beas River Riding School (BRRS).

BRRS is a HKJC Members-only facility and offers Members the most extensive range of equestrian facilities in Hong Kong with excellent instruction in all disciplines. Recognized by the British Horse Society as a certified Riding and Livery centre, BRRS has the facilities to support riders of all levels, from beginners to experienced, competitive riders who wish to train their horses further. Training by internationally certified instructors is available in either private or group lessons.

More advanced riders can participate in the more challenging Dressage, Show Jumping and Cross-Country classes. These are held in many arenas, including a large indoor paddock or the international-standard competition arena or out on areas which have cross-country jumps suitable for novice and experienced riders.

BRRS also provides training for career exams (BHS examinations). Other activities offered by the school include fun riding activities for children, pony rides for birthday parties and stable-management lessons. Our team of instructors and stable staff is dedicated to providing the best care and services to both our horses and our clients.

The riding school hosts regular riding competitions running from September to June. Members can hire riding school ponies and horses to compete on. Offering riders the opportunity to test their skills and gain competition experience is a great way to promote equestrianism in Hong Kong.

The Beas River Riding School is managed by Mr. Joachim Heidenreich and he said, "Our team of instructors is here to help you learn and enjoy your time at Beas River Riding School. We look forward to introducing you to our riding school horses and ponies".

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