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One Horse, Two Careers

Beas River Equestrian Centre - Introduction

Welcome to Beas River Equestrian Centre(BREC), The Hong Kong Jockey Club's equestrian centre of excellence.

The History of Beas River

Beas River Country Club is just one of the many outstanding facilities which make up the Hong Kong Jockey Club (HKJC), one of the oldest membership clubs in Asia, which dates back to 1884. In 1940, The HKJC leased some land near Beas River at Fanling. The following year, new stables were constructed at Beas River, but in December of that year, the Japanese invaded Hong Kong, and the stables were used instead to house Japanese soldiers. After the war, the land and buildings were taken over by the British Army and were not turned over to the Club until 1964.

BREC Today

Beas River is a multi-purpose, diverse equestrian centre housing 250 horses and is the base for the HKJC Equestrian Affairs Department. In 2008, Beas River was also the setting for the cross-country phase of the Beijing Olympics Equestrian Competition.

BREC offers a wide range of equestrian functions and has a team of over 150 members, including international instructors and trainers. Its primary role is to support the HKJC Racing Division by providing a home and retraining centre for retired racehorses. BREC is the oldest and largest such facility in the world. The retrained horses fulfill a wide range of equestrian roles both within Hong Kong and overseas. The horses are used for public riding at the seven Hong Kong riding schools as well as made available on livery to members of the Club at Beas River. The Club has donated over 1,000 retrained horses to well-run Chinese stables, and recently horses have been offered equestrian careers in the other countries. However, BREC also has other important roles, including being a resting or "spelling" facility for horses still in racing and a rehabilitation centre for injured equine athletes.

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