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The Year of the Horse: An artistic celebration

The Year of Horse only gallops around once every twelve years. To welcome its newest arrival, HKJC is delighted to announce it will shortly be celebrating the graceful bearing of this most majestic of creatures. To this end, we will be paying tribute to master artist Xu Beihong whose stunning equine ink paintings have earned global fame. In collaborating with the Xu Beihong Arts Committee, we will also be working with a new generation of talented artists by displaying a series of contemporary artworks inspired by Xu’s timeless classics.

group photos with Xu Qingping, Michael, Simon Ma, Victor Wong and Club’s official

3-D animated TV commercial

This year marks the first time the HKJC has joined forces with veteran cross-media artist Victor Wong, “Best Visual Effect” winner of both the Hong Kong Film Awards and Taiwan Golden Horse Film Festival, in transforming four of Xu Beihong’s most revered masterpieces, namely “Li Ma Tu” (The Standing Horses), “Ben Ma Tu” (The Galloping Horses), “Da Ben Ma” (The Large Galloping Horse) and “Shuang Jun” (Two Horses), into an unforgettable 3-D animated TV commercial. To highlight the extraordinary energy and vibrancy of each year’s Chinese New Year’s festivities and convey the incomparable nobility of Xu Beihong’s horses, Victor has applied state-of-the-art multimedia technology whilst remaining true to the essence of traditional ink artistry.

  • 3-D animated TV commercial
Simon Ma helps pay "Tribute to Xu Beihong"

In honouring one of China’s greatest painters, renowned cross-media artist Simon Ma has joined forces with HKJC to create a special “Tribute to Xu Beihong Horse Arts Project”. On CNY raceday on 2 Feb, a special exclusive preview will tempt racegoers with a privileged glimpse of many undisputed masterpieces before they officially go on public display later this year. Committed to achieving his artistic vision, Simon’s work succeeds brilliantly in capturing the raw beauty of Xu Beihong’s horses via a variety of techniques and materials.


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